Days off in May
Please notice that the school and the office are closed on May 1
Special offers for individual classes
In April and May you can book individual classes with up to 33% discount
Easter Course
You still have a chance to join our Special Easter Course starting from April 10.


The choice of a language school is a serious task. Besides coming to an unfamiliar country for rather a long stay is always a challenge. Thus we are eager to provide all our applicants and prospective students with the references given by the people who studied at Derzhavin Institute.  Some of the students have left their e-mail addresses so you can contact them in order you have any questions concerning courses, accommodation, life in Russia in general and any difficulties a foreigner may face in Russia. 

If the references given here are not enough or you want a reference in you mother-language, please apply the booking office – we will be glad to provide you with the addresses of students or our local agents to contact.

If you want to leave your feedback, you can do it here. And read the most recent reviews here.

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