February 23
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Join us for a week of the celebration of the most traditional and cheerful Russian holiday - MASLENITSA.
Superstizioni russe
16.02.2017 18:43
Superstizioni russe

Come molti altri popoli, anche i russi credono nelle superstizioni!

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"La festa degli uomini"
13.02.2017 18:24
Ауыеф вупдш гщьштш


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09.02.2017 18:49
Rivoluzione Russa 1917

A febbraio il centenario 

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Il Carnevale russo - Mасленица
08.02.2017 18:00
Carnevale russo

Quest`anno tra il 20 e il 26 Febbraio 2017

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Le Notti Bianche
06.02.2017 01:43
Notti Bianche

Le avete mai viste?

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Scioglilingua russi
02.02.2017 18:00


Troppo facile il russo?

Qui alcuni divertenti scioglilingua con i video allegati

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Canzoni popolari russe
31.01.2017 18:48
Canzoni popolari


Uno dei metodi per studiare una lingua e conoscere la cultura di un popolo!

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19.01.2017 10:29

Что делают эти люди?!?


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10 Motivi per venire a San Pietroburgo
16.12.2016 18:16

Tornerete una seconda volta!

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Capodanno e Natale (7 Gennaio) in Russia
08.12.2016 15:59
Natale e Capodanno in Russia

Anche voi sarete in Russia durante le festività?

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01.12.2016 16:24
Saint-Petersburg, in italiano

La mia esperienza alle "Banja". Scopriamo insieme la saune russe!

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Packing List for Travel to Russia -2
25.11.2016 15:42
live in Russia

Today we will help you to choose clothes for your trip to Saint-Petersburg and learn clothes in Russian!

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Packing List for Travel to Russia
14.11.2016 15:11
live in Russia

If you are planning your trip to Derzhavin institute, don`t worry: Russia is a civilized country, and you could buy everything you need here.  In Saint-Petersburg we have a lot of 24 hours` supermarkets, so you could buy all necessary cosmetics, food, and even clothes on your arrival. So you don`t need to take kilograms of unnecessary things with you. But there are some things that you`ve better to take with you. Here you could find a packing list for your trip. 

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Самые известные фразы из мультфильмов
07.11.2016 15:48

Слышали ли вы когда-нибудь эти фразы, откуда они?

«Кто ходит в гости по утрам, тот поступает мудро».

«Ну, заяц, погоди!»

«Ты заходи, если что!»

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Что бы было понятно
20.09.2016 16:49
Russian Language, common phrases, settling in, dealing with fast talkers, useful vocabulary

If your visit to the Derzhavin Institute will be your first time in a Russian speaking country it's be a good idea to get acquainted with some of the common phrases that'll you'll hear when you're out and about before you arrive. 

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Еще одна сложность в русской граматике
15.09.2016 14:32
Russian Language, difficulties, plural and singular, verb conjugation, grammatical agreement, grammar
Еще одна сложность в русской граматике

Today we'll be looking at majorities, minorities a numbers, and why they're all incredibly confusing

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В Питере есть - часть два
09.09.2016 15:06
Saint Petersburg, restaurants, food, quick meals, Russian Cuisine, Soviet propaganda, chips, Amsterdam, Japanese food, Ice cream

Today we look at good places to make a pit stop in the city centre...

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Первые одиннацать петербургских слов
05.09.2016 14:22
Russian Language, regional differences, bread, food, turtleneck, kiosks, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, lexical differences

Whether your aim is to sound like a native of St Petersburg or the opposite - to keep your Russian clear and region neutral - here are some words you should know about...

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Загадка котов
30.08.2016 15:18
Russian Language, difficulties, genetive case, grammar rules, cats
Загадка котов

Everyone knows that, whilst Russian grammar can be very complicated, it normally follows strict, logical rules with only a few exceptions. This is not really one of those cases...

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Кофейное Задание
24.08.2016 17:12
Saint Petersburg, food, drink, cafe, homework

I you prefer to get your homework done with a cup of something warm in your hand you'll want to check out these reviews.

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Места где можно загадовать желания
18.08.2016 15:39
Saint Petersburg, statues, Admiralty, Hermitage, cats, rabbits, birds, Chizhik Pizhik, the Photographer, Ostap Bender, wishes.
Места где можно загадовать желания

Here's the definitive list of places to visit in St Petersburg if you`re looking for a bit of extra, supernatural assistance with Russian, finances or life in general.

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Пять трудностей русского языка
17.08.2016 14:50
Russian Language, difficulties, cognates, cases, sentence structure, verbal aspect, verbs of motion, global languages, literature and the arts

I think few people would argue with me if I said that Russian is a pretty difficult language to learn It’s only natural therefore, that all students of Russian encounter difficulties in their studies at some point...

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Всё про метро
12.08.2016 15:14
St Petersburg, metro, trains, travel, transport, zhetons, остарожно двери закрываются

If you want to get around St Petersburg quickly, cheaply and easily you`ll want to get to know the metro...

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Где можно купить сувениры в Санкт Петербурге? Часть 2
10.08.2016 14:28
Saint Petersburg, souvenirs, books, Matryoshka, Khokloma, Shkatulka

In today`s post I`ll be asnwering two questions: where to buy gifts for fellow students of Russian and where to buy more traditional souvenirs.

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В Питере - есть, часть 1
08.08.2016 14:16
Saint Petersburg, restaurants, food, pizza, Armenian cuisine, Russian Cuisine

Putting the spotlight on some of the best places to eat in St Pete`s.

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День военно-морского флота
05.08.2016 16:09
Saint Petersburg, Navy Day, ships, sailors, Peter and Paul Fortress, Noon gun, parade, music, flags, fireworks, rain, water

And where were you on Navy day?

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Про Крыши и Этажи
01.08.2016 21:56
St Petersburg, Art, Russian, Etazhi, gallery, modern art, relaxation, food, shopping, sightseeing
Про Крыши и Этажи

How do you find peace and quiet in a major city? You go up.

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В Москву, или нет?
20.07.2016 16:11
Moscow, tourism, entertainment, food and drink, shopping, parks, architecture, advice
В Москву, или нет?

If you`re going to be studying in Derzhavin for a while, let`s say more than a month, you might be considering a trip to Moscow for a change of scenery...

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Где можно купить сувениры в Санкт Петербурге?
19.07.2016 16:53
Saint Petersburg, souvenirs, food, drink, shopping, Eliseevskii, Russia, eating, cafe
Где можно купить сувениры в Санкт Петербурге?

If you've ever walked down Nevskii Prospect you've probably already seen the Eliseevskii emporium. If you haven't, you're sure to notice it the first time you do...

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Как провести выходные в Питере, часть 3
18.07.2016 17:24
Saint Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, Noon gun, Peter and Paul Cathedral
Как провести выходные в Питере, часть 3

According to the weather forecast, Sunday was meant to be another day of the kind of wetness and gloom I had hoped to escape when I left England...

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Как провести выходные в Питере, часть 2
15.07.2016 16:21
Saint Petersburg, Pushkin, Tsarskoe Selo, Catherine Palace, Rastrelli
Как провести выходные в Питере, часть 2

After spending the previous night seeing one the more unusual attractionside which St Petersburg has to offer I spent the next day on a rather more traditional trip...

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Как провести выходные в Питере, часть 1
13.07.2016 01:15
St Petersburg, Art, Russian, Pushkinskaya 10, gallery, street art, Russian Language
Как провести выходные в Питере, часть 1

This weekend was the first of many that I will be spending in Saint Petersburg during my three month stay at the Derzhavin institute. Due to the torrential rain which had been assailing the city all week, I had less of a chance than I would have liked for sightseeing. With relatively good weather forecast for the weekend I was determined to make up for lost time....

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